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Can We At Least Agree on This?

Can We At Least Agree on This?

Have you ever used that phrase when negotiating or trying to persuade someone?  …

Calculating Charitable Value

Calculating Charitable Value

We can argue about the accuracy of the calculator or of the averages I used, but the bottom line remains the same: the average donor should not be underestimated.

The Demographics of Donor Potential

The Demographics of Donor Potential

The Donor Perspectives report says “on average, US donors over the age of 65 gave more than three times the amount donated by those ages 18-24 and nearly twice as much as donors ages 25-34.”

The Real Power of the Purse

The Real Power of the Purse

As a grown up Girl Scout who also served as a camp counselor, …

Report: 33.5M U.S. Hispanics Online

According to Engage: Hispanics in January there were 33.5 million Hispanics online in …

Reach Out and Charge Someone

Mobile Payment Technologies

Who and what influences giving decisions?

Much has been written and many have prognosticated about how new and emerging …

And the survey says…insert theme song

I love surveys. Writing them, participating (if they’re not too long), reading the …

Canada’s Most Generous Online Cities

Our third annual ranking of the Most Generous Cites in the US for …

What Makes Canadians Tick and Give

When I lived in the US for nearly six years, it was usually …

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