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CRMs and Crock Pots

CRMs and Crock Pots

By Stacey Finnegan, Sr Product Marketing Manager at Blackbaud I was recently trapped …

Top Do’s and Don’ts in Using Online Donation Forms

Top Do’s and Don’ts in Using Online Donation Forms

By: Laura Iancu, 123ContactForm In autumn conferences, projects and all kind of activities …

Tricking Out Your Donation Form

Tricking Out Your Donation Form

The following article originally appeared in The NonProfit Times Live from bbcon newsletter. …

Security: Empowering Your Users Within CRM

Security: Empowering Your Users Within CRM

Regardless of the customer, the CRM solution they are using, or the nature of the users, there are two themes that continue to resonate in conversations about end-user security that simply serve as barriers to maximizing the use of your CRM.

Six Tips for CRM Budget Planning: Are You Ready?

Six Tips for CRM Budget Planning: Are You Ready?

Time to fire up the spreadsheets and calculators! Budget season is upon us and …

CRM is the easy part

Did you really just read that?? Is this woman crazy? While I do …

POGO Pride

What could be better than a fabulous organization getting recognized for the important …

Innovator Spotlight: All Hands Volunteers

Congrats again to All Hands Volunteers who recently received an Innovator Award for the Best CRM Visionary. The organization is a volunteer-staffed nonprofit that’s dedicated to timely disaster response and relief assistance. Historically, like many nonprofits, All Hands Volunteers had siloed data, with volunteer data and donor data housed in three different systems. This made it extremely difficult to personalize and tailor communications to each individual. As the organization grew, the need for consolidation and proper segmenting became more imperative… enter CRM.

Tips & Tricks from the Trenches

Based on the Summit session she’s leading right now, the following blog post …

Which channel is netflix on?

Netflix has been getting a lot of attention lately for some recent changes …

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