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Seven Nonprofits That Deserve a Standing Ovation

Seven Nonprofits That Deserve a Standing Ovation

The suitcase is finally unpacked, and the email pile is a bit more …

You Talkin’ To ME?

You Talkin’ To ME?

“This organizational change is going to be a springboard for us to grow …

The Crux – Aligning Fundraising and Programming

The Crux – Aligning Fundraising and Programming

The reality is: Good programs need good fundraising, and good fundraising needs good programs.

Still More Tips for Election Planning

part 3 in blog series about election planning

Measuring Nonprofit Impact

The first step in starting to measure your impact is to identify the …

Mission Statements That Matter

Why is our industry plagued with so many terrible mission statements? You know the …

How Do You Measure Nonprofit Impact

The following post is by Suzanne Coffman, GuideStar’s editorial director. She is responsible for …

Engaging Students in a Culture of Philanthropy

Recently, I had the privilege and honor of participating in the pomp and …

Emergency Response Guide

This information was originally posted by Convio’s Molly Brooksbank in March of 2010.

Every organization has its emergency moment, but not all are positioned to respond and take advantage of the groundswell or media attention. Download our guide to learn how to be a more skilled rapid responder from nonprofits who routinely raise funds in moments of crisis. Discover how your organization can benefit from preparedness.

Checkout donations – are we missing an opportunity to build a relationship?

One of the data points that real struck me was that “Checkout Donation” was the most common channel across all generations for giving – overall 52% of the donors reported giving that way (48% of GenY, 57% of GenX, 52% of Boomers, and 48% of Matures) Are we missing an opportunity to build relationships.

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