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8 Hints for the Non-Photographer

Have you ever found yourself at your organization’s <insert big event> where you …

Today is your day

I’d like to keep it simple today and encourage you to do a …

Tis the Season to be Stupid.”

A lesson from my 10-year old son on philanthropy.

Community in a Bowl

I missed one of my favorite local non-profit’s fundraising events while traveling last …

Inauguration Day

How will non profit organizations respond to renewed interest in service, spurred by President Obama?

ACL Festival makes advocacy hip and rewarding wtih free swag

The 2008 ACL Festival makes advocacy hip and rewarding with free swag, providing online training and promotion of the program as well as giving away free prizes for participants who help run the on-site recycling program

Rebooting Democracy: summer reading (and viewing) from Personal Democracy Forum

Summer reading (and viewing) resources from Personal Democracy Forum.


InsertYourCandidate’sNameHere.com, this year’s presidential hopefuls understand that Campaign Central for the majority of American voters is their website.


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